Many are Called, but Few are Chosen

Many are Called, but Few are Chosen

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3rd Week Gostoso!!

Ok! so here in Brazil everybody thinks that i am Brazilian, so people always ask me ´what part of Brazil are you of?´ and so i always say ´no, sou de Nebraska´(no, i am of Nebraska). and 82.65% of the time they say Oh! where in Africa is that? haha my companion cracks up every-time without fail!
But the funniest thing is when people hear you are American. If they find out you're American, some people say ´gostoso´ which means tasty! It happened to both my companion and I with the young women in our ward! so its suuuppppeerrrr awka awkward. My Companion always says that bringing home a Brazilian wife is easier than riding a bike. 

It ended this week thank goodness. the highlight of my week was when we walked by this group of guys dressed up like girls. one of them stops us and says ´help! help! my friend needs a blessing! He is turning into a woman!´ I thought that this was absolutely hilarious! Not making fun of us, but the situation we were in.  But my companion was sooo ticked. haha I guess it is good that i don't have an uptight attitude or else i think this would feel a lot like a spiritual prison. Wait it is...... that's why we are here!!
People here are straight up crazy. WE saw a mother sitting on her steps drinking a beer with her friends and she puts it next to her for a little bit right? Her little 2 year old son was just running around and he grabs the beer and starts drinking it! I was like freaking out inside my head like ´what do we do in that situation? I'm used to talking with adults about drinking but a 2 year old is a little different.´ The worst part is that the mother and her friends just laughed about it.
To show you a little more about how crazy people are during carnaval google ´guy gets hit by car in carnaval´ people were freaking out! CARS DO NOT STOP FOR PEOPLE. straight up. I'm about to tell you the saddest story of my life.
We were in the car with a member of our church right? and he was taking us to lunch. I'm just chilling in the back seat, daydreaming or something like that and i see this group of kids playing with their dog in the middle of the street. keep in mind that this is a group of LITTLE kids. we are talking like 8 or 9 years old. So naturally, people would slow down right? NO. So the kids see us coming and they move out of the way, but the dog stayed! And this dude just drops that dog. No brake or anything! now you can only imagine my reaction, but i let out theeeee GIRLIEST gasp ever. If you heard that then looked at my face, you would have that he shot a man.

 I was like ´Irmão!  você apenas passou por cima do cão!´ (Brother! you just ran over a dog!) 

and he said, quote unquote ´que não deve ter sido na estrada´ (it shouldnt have been in the road).

 I almost cried.

 the ward familia is so dope! but our bishop is a punk. yesterday we asked if we could stop by to teach his family and he said we could at five so it is like 4;50 and we are almost to his house when I have the feeling to talk to this person on the other side of the street. so i do and we end up teaching the first lesson. and so we go to the bishops hows and and his wife says that he waited till five and he went to sleep... WOW

my companions name is elder Vaterlaus from  Ohio! way cool guy. he is going to BYU and goes home in 8 weeks. 

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