Many are Called, but Few are Chosen

Many are Called, but Few are Chosen

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 2 in the Bag

Yooooo so if you thought last week was beyond loco than you got another thing comin!
Alright so there is this little thing here in Brazil called Carneval. In means ´the fiesta of carne´ or the party of the body. EVERYBODY and their dogs have been partying non stop for the last week! like if you thought you were a partier than you haven't been to Brazil.

In most areas in this mission, the missionaries have to stay inside cause everybody runs around blaring music, doing drugs and wearing absolutely nothing..... well lucky us got placed in such a gghheeetttoooo area that we are still required to work! so during the last week, it was not uncommon to see every middle aged man the 89 year old dressed up in woman's clothing! like i just died laughing when i first saw it!

Everybody is wasted too so it is so pointless to talk to anybody. That is what my companion said. He obviously doesn't know me that well. (:  so everybody i see LITERALLY everybody i see i say " ói! podamos da convite para voce?" (Can we give you and invite?) 
and more than half of the people are like "are you the police?"
 "mmm no."  
then let me give you an invite!

and then they turn up their music even louder and pull us in the start dancing or else they chew our butts out for a half an hour about how we worship the devil. personally i like when they start dancing with us cause then i just flash them a couple of my moves and tell them I am being moved by the holy spirit! hahaha its seriously the funnnniest thing ever!
Thursday was the worst day since Vietnam. so it just starts pouring and everybody went to the big party that they have in florianopolis... our umbrellas broke from the wind and like noon and i thought we were in hurricane Katrina the rest of the day. I was getting to the point where i was just like "Jesus take the wheel!"

So we were already having a bad day and we decide ´hey ya know what, we are soaking wet! we don't have umbrellas and we are not about to walk 7 kilometers back home'. so we try taking a short cut through this jungle type thing. we are crossing over this river on a log and my shirt gets caught on a branch and the whole entire sleeve rips off! LIKE CMON! what did i do to deserve this!

so we are almost home and this lady stops us and asks if we are missionaries and we are just thinking... óh my goodness if she says anything about my 18 moms or romeo and juliet... somebodys dogs are getting killed

But then she said her husband was a member way back and she was always interested in our church and wanted us to teach her on monday  and i was just like ´THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!` I dont know why he needed to, but making  us go through hurricane katrina, rip my shirt in half and make me want to die to give us this blessing but im glad he did!
So to sum up how much fun i am having. my companion and i taught a bunch of kids how to say, i want some purple drank.....Life made..

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